WEG SSW-06 – 3 HP – SSW060010T2257ESZ – 10A, 230V 3/PH

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WEG SSW060010T2257ESZ

Soft Starter, 10 Amps, 3 HP @ 230V/5 HP @ 460V, 100-250VAC Control Voltage, w/Built-In Bypass

Soft-Starters are static starters that accelerate, decelerate and protect three-phase induction motors in power ratings from 2.2 to 1375 kW.

SSW06 Series Soft-Starter are static starters intended to accelerate, decelerate and protection of three phase induction motors. The control of the voltage applied to the motor by the means of the thyristors triggering angle variation, allows the soft-start to start and stop smoothly an electric motor.

With adequate adjustments of the variables, the torque produced is adjusted to the needs of the load, so the required current is going to be as low as possible for the starting procedure.

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