WEG CFW701D0105T2DBN1C3 /40 HP 3/PHASE 230 VOLT


  • CFW701 /105A/ 40HP/ DB/ 3PH /230V 
  • Conformal Coating
  • According to DIN EN 60068-2-60
  • Built-in specific operating interface
  • Vectrue Technology® – Frequency inverter control technology
  • Adjustable or linear V/F scalar
  • VVW – Voltage Vector WEG


  • A built in RFI filter for all frame sizes,
  • BACnet, Metasys, N2, and Modbus-RTU communication protocols native on the drive,
  • Soft PLC functionality,
  • Conformal coated circuit boards,
  • Process feedback in engineering units, and
  • Direct/Reverse PID Control Selection.
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Weight 50 lbs