WEG CFW700E142T2DBN1C3 VFD 142A 50HP 3PH 230V DB

CFW700 142A 50HP 3PH 230V DB    

Variable Frequency Drive

  • Adjustable-frequency drive is designed for variable-torque applications like pumps or fans. Features a PID controller that can be programmed in engineering units. The integrated power supply can be used with external transducers to measure flow and pressure. Keypad start-up guide makes installation easy. Dual DC bus chokes reduce harmonics and allow longer VFD lifetime.
  • Variable Speed Drive
  • NEMA 1
  • Vector Duty
  • 220V Three Phase
  • 50 HP Normal Duty
  • 26.6″ H X 13.2″W X 14.10″D



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