WEG Cooling Tower Motors - NEMA Premium Efficiency - Three Phase -TEFC/TEAO

Cooling Tower – NEMA Premium Efficiency – Three Phase -TEFC/TEAO
WEG’S Cooling Tower – NEMA Premium Efficiency motors meet or exceed all EISA2007 requirements for energy efficiency.
These TEFC and TEAO motors are built according to NEMA standards and
designed for operation in 100% humidity and the most corrosive environments.
The entire line is Inverter Rated for use with Variable Frequency Drives. They are
designed to operate in either horizontal or vertical shaft up/down position. Sealed
bearing in all sizes require no lubrication.
As with any other WEG motor, Cooling Tower motors are tested in accordance with
IEEE 112, Method B, and their efficiency values are certified by UL (CSA C390).
Cooling Tower motors will meet Design B torques, maintaining exceedingly high breakdown and
locked rotor torque while providing the highest rated efficiency levels.

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