US MOTORS Special Application Close Coupled Pump Three Phase Open Drip Proof (ODP) NEMA®† Premium Efficient

For the specifc requirements of centrifugal pumps where the pump impeller is mounted directly on the motor shaft.
Used in damp, dusty or dirty environments.
• Class F Insulation, Class B Rise At Service Factor
• Rolled Steel Frame
• Aluminum End Shields 140-250, Cast Iron End Shields 280-320
• Oversized Ball Bearings w/Locked Shaft End Construction
• Premasked Mylar Nameplate (with “CE” Mark)
• F1 Assembly Position
• Regreasable Bearings 180 Frame & Up, Lifting Provisions 210 Frame & Up
• Double Shielded Bearings
• 40°C Ambient, NEMA®† Design B Performance On 60 Hertz
Sine Wave Power
• “JM” Shaft For Mechanical Seal
• “JM” Shaft on 210 Frame and Smaller; JP Shaft on 250 and 280 Frame

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