Compact NEMA or Metric Flange
AC Servo Motors
The NT motor is a compact, high performance brushless AC
servo motor designed to maximize torque and minimize size. The
NT motor uses powerful magnets and is manufactured with a
segmented core to maximize stator efficiency.
These motors are available with direct motor-to-drive connector
terminations for Control Techniques’ brand Unidrive M, Digitax ST
and Epsilon EP servo drives – cable lengths up to 20 ft are available.
Key Features
• Torque range: 7.5 to 56 lb-in (0.85 to 6.3 Nm)
• Very low inertia for high acceleration and cycle rates
• English (NEMA 23 or 34) or Metric (IEC- 72-1) flanges
• Available with or without holding brakes
• Direct connect available – no additional cables required!
• Flying-lead cabling option (ex: NTE-320-LONS-0005)
with improved ingress protection; flying leads
are available with or without MS connectors
• IP65 conformance (IP67S and IP68S optional)
• Standard 2048 encoder
• Installed shaft seal are standard with all motors
• Optional white epoxy food-grade finish

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