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About Us

Plate Drives

Field Service
We offer:
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Planned downtime service
  • Factory Authorized VFD Start-up Services
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance
  • Controls Automation & Integration
  • Retrofit Service
  • Signal and Control Monitoring with data collection
  • Consultation Services

Lab Repairs
We repair:
  • VFD's (variable frequency drives)
  • AC Soft Starters
  • DC drives
  • Servo Amplifiers
  • PLC's (programmable logic controls)
  • Power Supplies
  • Circuit Boards
  • Industrial Monitors 
  • Powertec Plate Drives
  • Cinncinati Plate Drives
  • Vickers Plate Drives
  • and much more.

Preventative Maintenance
We offer planned preventative maintenance programs to allow you to be proactive rather than reactive. This allows you the opportunity to potentially reduce costly, unplanned breakdowns that result in lost production, lost man hours and scheduling issues with your customers. We provide preventative maintenance programs on virtually all brands of:
  • AC drives (VFD's)
  • DC Drives
  • Soft Starters
  • Servo Amplifiers
  • Cinncinati Milacron (Powertec) Plate Drives
  • Power Supplies
  • Automation Controls
  • AC Motors
  • DC Motors
  • Many More