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Cincinnati Milacron plate drive maintenance and repair have been a problem for the end user of the CM blow molding and injection molding machine for some time. Manufactured by Powertec Industrial Motors, these drive systems are designed around two different topologies: brushless control using bipolar transistors and brushless control using IGBT technology. These plate drives were designed by Vickers and Cincinnati Milacron using the Powertec DC brushless drive technology based around their original Genesis design. PRB Electronics, Inc. has the necessary components, schematics and know-how to repair these drives.
PRB Electronics, Inc. is a factory trained and authorized repair center for these drives, repairing them to factory original specifications for Powertec Industrial Motors, Cincinnati Milacron and many end users. Powertec Industrial Motors has recommended PRB Electronics, Inc. for the repair of these drives, whether it be field service or laboratory type repair. We connect all repaired devices on our load bank as they are used in the Cincinnati Milacron machine and perform complete dynamic load testing to assure the drive or power supply will come back to the customer in a 100% operational condition. Call us today for assistance at 770-949-9426. Rush service is available.